At least six months’ clinical nursing or care sector experience.

If you are working as a nurse or midwife in the UK you must register with Nursing & Midwifery Council NMC. If you are not already a member you can apply to be one at interview. If you are already a member, you will require an update. All information relating to the NMC membership will be in your application pack.

Yes. We record your preferences and make every effort to allocate you to your preferred places of work. We also log your availability so that we’re aware of the days you can work. You choose when you want to work. However, to remain active on our register you do need to work 10 shifts per year – and to qualify for our annual holiday prize draw you need to work 20 shifts!

Yes. You receive the equivalent of 28 days a year, which is incorporated into your hourly rate. Details of this are set out in our application pack and at your interview.

No, but if you’re using public transport, we’d advise you to purchase a map and pick up bus timetables to help you get to your place of work.

To help you get to your place of work more conveniently and in good time, there are now various Free Travel Trip Planning Apps available to download on your smarts phone such as TripIt (Android/iOS, Free), Sygic Travel Trip Planner (Android/iOS, Free) Roadtrippers (Android/iOS, Free), TripHobo (Android/iOS, Free), Google Trips (Android/iOS, Free), TripCase (Android/iOS, Free).

The easiest way to plan your travel in London is to use the Transport for London (TfL) Journey planner. It allows you to plan routes between stations, places of interest and postcodes. And it allows you to specify preferences for modes of transport (including walking and cycling) and accessibility requirements (such as step-free transport).

The Tube & Train is usually the fastest way to travel around Greater London and its suburban zones. The cheapest and easiest way to travel on public transport in and around London is to use a contactless payment card (issued by many banks) or an Oyster (pre-pay) card. Paying for a paper ticket can be several times more expensive than using these methods.

Buses in London are now entirely cash-free, so use of a contactless card, and Oyster card, or a previously purchased paper travel-card is necessary.

Yes. You can purchase your uniform directly from us at an affordable price.

You’re paid weekly, directly into your bank or building society account.

Addilyn Care Services offers excellent service with competitive rates.

Home care or Domiciliary Care is care provided to people within their own homes, to help to remain safe and independent, tailored to meet your required support.

We provide help with a wide range of care tasks to maintain your independence, for example, helping you:

Around your own home

To get up and dressed or undressed and into or out of bed

With personal care

With eating or drinking

With medication or other agreed health related tasks

As well as providing care to you, we may also provide help to a person already looking after you at home, for example, a friend or relative.

*Medication will only administered by a Care Worker who has been trained and given specific written instructions to do so. A clear record of administration of every medication for each Service User will be kept.

Care Workers may administer medication to Service Users in their own homes only at their request and with written authority of a Service User or their representative.

Where possible all dosages will be prepared by a pharmacist.

Care Workers will not administer medication to any Service User who doesn't consent or who directly refuses

All Services Users have the right to engage in and pursue an active life. We would encourage any Service User to continue with any hobbies, leisure activities or societies they may choose:









Care Workers working for Addilyn Services are trained to carry out the work for which they are employed. All new home Care Workers have attended induction training and will be qualified at Diploma Level 2 or 3 in care or will be working towards that qualification.

You can expect your Care Worker to be with you within fifteen minutes of the agreed time, unless you have been told beforehand that the time will be different.

In event of emergency, another Care Worker to be deployed to visit, if your regular Care Worker is unable to call.

Each Addilyn Care Worker is to keep a record of all their visits to you.

The number of Care Workers visiting you to be no more than necessary to provide you with the agreed care and to cover any staff absence.

To be treated fairly and equally, regardless of your race, sex, age, disability or religion.

To be provided with care that will maintain your right to dignity, privacy, choice and independence.

It is the policy at Addilyn Care Services to respect the right of each Service User to lead as independent and fulfilling life as possible. In this respect the following policy elements will be observed by all Care Workers, as a documented Service Users charter of rights which will always be readily available for inspection by Service Users, relatives and visitors.

To retain their personal dignity and independence irrespective of their severity of their physical or mental infirmity

To have their social, emotional, religious, cultural and political needs accepted and respected

To have skilled, sensitive and understanding care to enable them to achieve the highest possible quality of life

To have their personal privacy respected in all aspects, including entering their home, bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms and following death

To be involved in, and kept informed about their individual assessment need

To have a regular review of their individual circumstances, and to have the right to be present at review meetings

To be involved in the development of their care plans